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How to post and manage Kudos
How to post and manage Kudos
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Go to Slack -> Apps -> OrgaNice -> Home tab to access this functionality.

On the Home tab, you will find navigation buttons labeled 'Organization', 'Time Offs' and 'Kudos'.

The emoji ๐ŸŸข indicates the current page you are on.

Click 'Kudos' where you can give and manage received and given Kudos.


If a public channel for posting Kudos is not set, all Kudos will be given in a direct message from the bot.

If a public channel is set, then all Kudos will be posted publicly in the chosen channel.

You can give Kudos to each person separately, or you can give 1 mutual Kudos to multiple people/teams.

Keep in mind how Kudos points work.

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