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How to enable referrals
How to enable referrals
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To enable referral program go to Web settings -> Hiring -> enable the toggle -> choose the channel where open positions will be posted.

After enabling the feature, go to Org Chart -> create a position (sidebar will open) -> scroll sidebar till 'Referrals' section -> check 'Include to referrals'.

Once you enable checkbox, other fields for completing will appear and also the text indicating when this position will be posted.

❗️❗️In 30 minutes after you check 'Include to referrals', this position will be posted to the channel you previously selected in settings. ❗️❗️

If you add new positions to referrals within the next 7 days after the very first position was included to referrals, these positions will appear in the same post (digest) as an update.

Positions created after 7 days will appear in the next digest.

These digests are posted weekly until open positions are closed or deleted.

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