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Custom B-days & Anniversaries templates
Custom B-days & Anniversaries templates

This article explains how custom congratulations templates work

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Custom templates

By default, OrgaNice uses its own congratulations templates that are posted in a random order.

If you create your own custom templates, the bot will use them instead. That's why we recommend creating at least 5 templates (the more, the better) for better randomization.

If you decide to reset all your custom templates, OrgaNice default templates will be used again.

The day-before reminder in Slack

The day before the event, on working days, and depending on your setup in 'Common settings' for weekends, the bot sends a reminder to all OrgaNice admins in a direct message in Slack with a congratulation preview.

The post can be edited (admins can change the text and regenerate the GIF), and it's also possible to cancel the congratulations post by clicking the 'Don't send' button.

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