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Time Off notifications

This article explains how and when the bot notifies users about time offs

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Notifications to the requester:

  1. Once a user submits a time-off request, OrgaNice notifies them in a direct message that their request has been sent to a selected manager and is awaiting approval.

  2. The bot notifies the requester once their time off is approved or rejected.

  3. The bot also notifies the requester if their approved time off is deleted by an OrgaNice admin or their manager.

Notifications to the manager:

  1. The bot notifies the manager in a direct message if somebody has requested time off from them.

  2. If the manager ignores a requested time off within 24 hours, the bot sends a follow-up message in the thread of the original request.

  3. If a user requested time off from a manager other than their org chart manager, then when the selected manager approves or rejects the time off, the org chart manager will receive a direct message from the bot indicating that Manager X has approved or rejected their subordinate's request.

P.S. Managers can also see and manage incoming requests on the Home tab

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