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How to use 'Time Offs' feature
How to use 'Time Offs' feature
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To access this functionality go to Slack -> Apps -> OrgaNice -> Home tab.

On the Home tab, you will find navigation buttons labeled 'Organization' and 'Time Offs'.

The emoji 🟒 indicates the current page you are on.

Click 'Time Offs' and there you can track your time offs, incoming requests, organization requests and request time off.


On the web app, you can enable the option to post approved time offs to a public channel in your Slack workspace (optional functionality).

Go to Settings -> Time Offs -> enable the toggle -> choose a public channel in the selector.

Web Calendar

All pending and approved time offs will also be displayed on the web calendar.

Additionally, if you decide to activate the 'B-days & Anniversaries' feature, birthdays πŸŽ‚ and/or work anniversaries πŸŽ‰ will be shown.

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