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Syncing OrgaNice fields with Slack fields
Primary Owner confirmation for sync w/ Slack
Primary Owner confirmation for sync w/ Slack

This article explains why OrgaNice's admin requires confirmation from Slack's Primary Owner to enable sync with Slack

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Once you sync OrgaNice fields with Slack fields, members of your Slack workspace will only be able to edit their Slack profiles through the Org Chart only.

Regular members can only edit their own profiles. Admins can edit all members, but they can edit other admins only after Slack's primary workspace owner logs in to OrgaNice. This is Slack API limitation.

When you request confirmation from your Primary Owner (by clicking the button in the purple alert on the 'Sync w/ Slack' page), OrgaNice sends a direct message to the Primary Owner, asking for approval to sync with Slack.

Once the Primary Owner clicks the 'Approve' button, the bot will automatically log them into the web app.

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