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Syncing OrgaNice fields with Slack fields
How to turn on a new custom field in Slack?
How to turn on a new custom field in Slack?
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To sync OrgaNice's fields with Slack profile fields and to have auto-update in Slack profiles, you need to make some changes in Slack settings.

Note that only Workspace Owners and Admins can add and manage custom profile fields for all members of their organization.

If you are a Slack regular member, please ask for help from the roles mentioned above.

To turn on a new custom field:

  1. First go to Slack settings “Configure Profile”.

    - Click on workspace title -> Settings & administration -> Workspace settings.

    - You will be redirected to a web page. Click on Menu -> Profiles.

  2. Go to “People” section and turn on the toggle “Manager”.

  3. Click on the “Publish Changes” button.

Once members answer the bot they will be able to edit their Slack profiles only on the org chart because the majority of fields will be switched from user-edited to API data source.

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